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Thread: LH-3 Rev?

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    LH-3 Rev?

    Hi LOG

    Great resource here - I'm Lee from the UK and just got a USA 44-94. Got a few small issues. The previous owner has clearly had a go at the wiring (see pic) - I've now put the wiring back to factory standard. I'm trying to get to the bottom of why the vol pot is noisey and noticed that the LH-3 fitted is a Rev A - as this bass is a 2013 this can't be right or am I missing something? The previous owner swears blind he never touched the electrics but clearly this is not true. I just want to find out if this is the original LH-3 as it appears to be a Rev A?

    if this is the incorrect t pre-amp am I better off upgrading to a new one? What issues with the Rev A are there? When did they change? Sorry for all the questions and many thanks!

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    Welcome Lee! I don't have any experience with the LH-3 pre-amps, but you are definitely in the right place, as there are some very knowledgeable folks here that should be able to offer some insight.

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    Wow... What a mess!..

    Any ideas why the previous owner did that?

    As for your questions....I'd email Leo .. at

    He may be able to get you some answers.




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