• Winners February 2017

    Love is in the air!! Love that new string smell...
    Winners for February 2017 are...
    Richard Cole gets a set of D'Addario Nickel XL
    Mark Beem gets a set of D'Addario Pro Steels
    darrellvis69 gets a set of D'Addario NY XL.
    stealth94rt gets a set of Lakland Nickels
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    1. Sprocketus's Avatar
      Sprocketus -
      Congrats to all the winners!
    1. Basspraiser's Avatar
      Basspraiser -
      Major congrats and THANK YOU to the winners!

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    1. Richard Cole's Avatar
      Richard Cole -
      Thanks for the stings........ love my new white pearl DJ5 it sounds huge through my Mesa Subway 800 and Greenboy F112...many thanks....Richard Cole
    1. mark beem's Avatar
      mark beem -
      Thanks for the strings, gents!! I've always used nickels but it'll be interesting to try a steel set out!
    1. Basspraiser's Avatar
      Basspraiser -
      Mark.. We always aim for variety!!! What a better way to try strings out than for " free"?

      Thanks to all of our supporting members!

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