• Winners December 2016

    Tis the season for giving.... As we do every month

    Winners for December Part 1 are...
    A.Scovanner gets a set of D'Addario Flex Steels
    McCartneyman gets a set of D'Addario Pro Steels

    We will be doing a special Christmas Giveaway in a few weeks.
    More strings, a set of Hanson/Lakland pickups and a couple of custom Leather LOG mouse pads from Gecko Leather Works
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    1. Basspraiser's Avatar
      Basspraiser -
      Congrats and thank you!!

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    1. McCartneyman's Avatar
      McCartneyman -
      Cool! Will put them to good use!
    1. Basspraiser's Avatar
      Basspraiser -

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    1. A.Scovanner's Avatar
      A.Scovanner -
      Thanks for the strings, guys!
    1. Basspraiser's Avatar
      Basspraiser -
      You are most welcome Adam!!! Enjoy them..I know they will go to good use!

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    1. GregC's Avatar
      GregC -
      Congrats to the winners and thanks for your support!
    1. Gecko5's Avatar
      Gecko5 -
      Got this from the guy doing the laser work for me on these.

      Attachment 1788

      We will be giving 6-7 of these away in a special Christmas Giveaway
    1. Tom P's Avatar
      Tom P -
      Now thats very cool!
    1. holdsg's Avatar
      holdsg -
      rep to Gecko
    1. Basspraiser's Avatar
      Basspraiser -
      Yup... He's got some great talent!!!

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